DECAFFEINATO coffee beans


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A Swiss Water decaffeinated coffee using a premium espresso blend. The components of the blend are Brazil, Colombia, Ethiopia, Indonesia and PNG (5 bean decaf espresso blend). The beans are roasted to moderately dark or to a point just before 2nd crack. This brings out the full body and flavour and reduces any acidity in the coffee but doesn’t push it too far thus reducing any oil on the bean surface. The Swiss Water method uses no chemicals (only water under high pressure) in the decaffeination process thus making the product appealing to many of our customers who are a little wary of any chemical treatment of the coffee bean.

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Whole Bean, Espresso Ground, Plunger Ground, Filter Ground

Will your pods work in my Nespresso machine?

Sorry, no. Our pods are not compatible with Nespresso machines, and require a machine that uses pods. But most people think our coffee pods make better coffee!