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Roasted in New Zealand, pre-blended before roasting. The Java Robusta and Brazil Mogiana mix are slow roasted for 7 minutes, then the heat is ramped up until the beginning of 2nd crack when the beans are dropped and rapidly cooled. This method yields a roast that is best described as moderately dark, City Roast (American definition) and Northern Italian (European definition). Roasting this way produces coffee that is sweet, full-bodied and low in acidity, allowing fine cup and subtle taste characteristics to shine through. Java Robusta Growing region located in the eastern regions of Java. High quality premium (grade 1) washed coffee. The coffee bean is very large screening at 18/19. Premium Java Robusta is used extensively throughout Europe by leading roasters. It is used in blends to increase body and crema. Cupping Characteristics: Premium Java Robusta is full bodied, low acidic coffee with notes of chocolate and caramel-vanilla sweetness that is very pronounced in milk driven espressos (flat whites, cappuccinos and lattes). Brazil Mogiana Growing region located in the north east part of the state of Sal Paulo in southern Brazil. The Brazil Mogiana in this blend is a specialty coffee that is naturally pulped (dry processed) and screens 17/18. Cupping Characteristics: Brazil Mogiana packs plenty of crema and is a super sweet, nutty, low acidic coffee with rich body, in a mild, pleasantly refreshing cup.

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