Fenix coffee machine


DOGE Fenix coffee machine
Professionalism, experience and technology
The excellence of espresso coffee at home or office

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Doge products are born with inherited Italian DNA, unmistakable and rooted in a 30-year history filled with knowledge, experience, attention to detail and creativity.
Doge Fenix : Professionalism, experience and technology. The excellence of espresso coffee at home or office.
Main features:
• Boiler 1.4L
• Thanks to the boiler insulation, there is a noticeable saving in both, energy consumption and heat retention
• Full STAINLESS STEEL frame to ensure longer life span and hygiene even in the most demanding environments
• High-performance vibration pump, amongst the most reliable on the market
• 3,5lt water tank, amongst the largest in the market for its capacity
• Cup tray made of innovative anti-scratch stainless steel (micro pearl, chequered plate anti-scratch)
• E61 lever group in chrome-plated brass, essential to guarantee absolute reliability and performance in semi-professional and domestic use
• Professional filter holders with ergonomic handle in compliance with the strictest food regulations
• Hot water and steam wands equipped with anti-scald rubber
• Automatic stand-by system, the software controls the parameters of the boiler’s heating element through a sensor to improve energy efficiency; after 60 minutes of the machine’s inactivity, it only
restores the power supply to maintain the optimal temperature of 70°C
• Multicolour led on the front panel indicating both machine status and modes
• The drip tray is equipped with a quick and safe release mechanism that allows for better cleaning and ease of maintenance
• Single scale pressure gauge to monitor the pressure of large boilers, for an effortless control of the machine’s functioning
• Element 1800W
• Voltage 220-230V
• Dimensions: 454 mm x 350mm x 420mm (H)
• Weight 26 kg
• Filter diameter 58mm