ACM Pratika


Groups 1
Boiler capacity 1,5 lt
Power 1100 W
Voltage 230 V
Dimensions 35x25x40h cm
Weight 20 kg

2023 model with joystick levers

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All the qualities of a professional machine enclosed in a small space.

Pratika, the smallest of ACM’s home is ideal for demanding customers who want to enjoy the real espresso at home.

Perfect at home and activities such as B&B, catering or small hotels, Pratika is dedicated to those Espresso lovers who want a real espresso machine at their own home.

Dispensing with coffee dosing programming
Stainless steel and painted steel body
Steam / water wands in stainless steel
Water tank capacity of 2,5 lt
Boiler in stainless steel of 1,5 lt
Security valve
Steam and make coffee at the same time