Water Filter – Brita Purity C50


Inline filter for plumbed in coffee machines or directly to your faucet for great, filtered water

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The quality of the water used in making coffee is important, as it not only impacts the taste of your coffee, it also plays an important role in aiding the longevity of your espresso machine.

High levels of minerals can cause problems for your machine as calcium and magnesium calcify creating a deposit called lime scale which can coat interior surfaces. This can eventually lead to blocked pipes which restrict the operation of the machine's water control devices and it can be the cause of leaking valves etc. Lime scale can also coat the heating element, not only making it less efficient but it can lead to a blown element.

We recommend the use of a suitable water filter when installing your coffee machine.

Brita Purity Fresh C50 quick change filter cartridge filter.

GAC carbon 10 micron

In addition to minimising cloudiness and organic pollutants, PURITY Fresh C filter cartridges reduce substances that impair taste and smell in drinking water, such as chlorine and chlorine compounds. Dirt and sediment particles that impair system functionality are trapped.

The PURITY Fresh C filter system was developed especially for enhancing the taste and freshness of water for coffee, espresso and vending machines.

Recommended head setting 0% (12,000 litres chlorine reduction)

Dimensions 260mm overall x 102mm across

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