Sparkling – still – chilled water

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Purity is the last extraordinary water cooler made by Bevco for homes and small offices.

The tactile sensation of aluminium Purity, characterised by very compact dimensions, is produced with a special type of aluminium.

The extremely minimal design and the Silver mat-style finishes make the right mix for installing Purity in the most modern and demanding houses or small offices.

Purity is provided with the following accessories and is ready to be installed:

- internal bayonet Carbon Block filter 0,3 micron 600 gr
- CO2 pressure regulator
- water pressure limiting valve
- under bench water filter system
- push fit fittings and accessories

All you need is a CO2 bottle to suit your space and requirements. This is easily sourced in many places such as https://eziswapgas.co.nz/co2

Although Purity is easy to install for the experienced DIY person, we recommend installation by a qualified plumber.