E61 Water Flow Control


Flow control is the latest trend in espresso. It’s a tool to help you get more out of your coffee by extracting specific flavours and aromas out of your favourite beans.

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With the Quick Mill E61 group head flow control device you can manually profile your extractions by adjusting the flow from the closed position (0-bar) to full pump pressure, usually at around 9-bar. This flow control device works on many common E61 type machines.

The flow control device can be installed in machines that are equipped with standard
E61 group-heads.

With just a couple of tools, your coffee machine will be able to vary the amount of flow using the stainless steel needle valve now installed on your E61 group. This needle valve is the main working component that allows the user to vary the flow of water to your coffee where you’ll have full control of saturation and extraction of your espresso!

When installing your new gauge, we recommend that you very gently screw in the gauge just until it is barely finger tight. Then unscrew it until the gauge is upright. Then continue to unscrew it, counting the number of rotations you go through. From there, wrap the male threads of the gauge with teflon tape and tighten it back in that same number of turns. That way it will both be in the position you want, and also seal so that it does not leak.