Ancap – Designer cups set of 6 cups and saucers


Set of 6 assorted, porcelain, designer cups and saucers – just exquisite – 100% made in Italy – Fantastico!

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Porcelain: synonymous with magic, prestige, awe, with an aura of splendor and elegance, a charm unaffected by the passage of time. And, in the context of unmistakable Italian style, porcelain becomes synonymous with Ancàp.

mano decoro Ancàp S.p.A. was founded in 1964: the founder, Giuseppe Boschini, already renowned as an expert connoisseur of the porcelain market and porcelain decoration, decides to become a producer himself, under the sign of quality and creativity, 100% Made in Italy.
In just a few years, Ancàp built its position on the market, based on a perfect balance between art and technology, with the combination of quality and assortment that only a full cycle production plant can guarantee: an absolutely distinctive characteristic that is still, after 50 years of experience, the center and focus of the excellence of Ancàp.

A production plant occupying an area of 20,000 in which about 100 professionals are employed, with a vast distribution network in Italy and abroad: today Ancàp is an important company, with three main divisions:

• The retail division is structured to respond to the widest possible range of different market needs, from precious classical patterns to the most sophisticated design trends

• The hotel-restaurant division is devoted to satisfying any professional requirement, with new ideas and updated products

• The coffee division, which ensures roasters the most perfect instruments for its enjoyment

Clearly, an eclectic, constantly evolving vocation: the creativity of Ancàp is identified by precise standards of excellence and can offer a vast, exhaustive assortment, always updated and always in the vanguard in terms of technology and styling.

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Cappuccino, Espresso


Romeo and Juliet, Italia in bici, Ritmo espresso



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